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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Previews Obscure: Protoprize

The following description in the September Diamond Previews catalog caught my eye:

PROTOPRIZE GN (Pg286 SEP05-2971) $14.95 D.Langloris [sic] b&w

Two bionically enhanced women team up with a boy chemist in an attempt to track down the Bellknap Grave Robber. Will Dixie's vision come true? Where did the chimney sweep's head go? Will Double Amp's love for money get her killed? What dwells at the bottom of the Slime Pit?

Hm, sounds sufficiently surreal. Protoprize is a compilation of the Bellknap Graverobber storyline from Protoprize #1-6 (1999-2004), self-published by Drue Langlois. If you are as curious as I am, here's some links:

Comic Book Links:

The official Hot Hail website, includes a 6-page preview.

Drue Langlois' homepage, includes a resume.

A review of Protoprize #2, with 1 page of preview art. Quote: The ideas & storytelling behind in this comic are playful - this playful attitude transmits well in the reading.

A short review of an issue of Protoprize (scroll way down to Christine Douville's overview of Expozine 2004). Quote: The cover says “illustrated stories” - I say “crazy comics”!

Two brief reviews of Protoprize #2 and #3. Quote: A strange but totally entertaining story. . .

A large-scale version of his painting "Double Amp", which is apparently the cover to the Protoprize GN. Part of a short note on a 2003 art exhibit.

The Captain Canuck website, featuring a comic that Drue worked on with his brother Riel.

The Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine #499 (11/22/04) featured interviews with Drue and Riel (downloadable zip file).

Other links:

Many gallery pieces from a 2004 exhibition.

Doll creations from the Atelier Gallery.

Two pieces from the 2005 Los Angeles Art Fair.

Drue was longtime member of the Royal Art Lodge.

An article on Drue's former band, Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine.

Meanwhile, Drue promotes his current project, Bold Saber, with sound samples.


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