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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mining the back-catalouge: 1st Quarter TPBs

DC already released their list of TPBs and GNs for January & February 2006.

Dark Horse has already released their solcitations for January 2006. Their TPBs are usually advanced-solicited, so I think that catches us up for February as well.

From the other publishers, of particular interest to me is older works being (re-)collected into trade form. Yes, I'm well aware "House of M" will generate a zillion TPBs (and yes, they are all out on Amazon), but I'm more interested in what "older" stuff (say, 5+ years old) is getting re-released. Here's a few of the coming attractions for the 1st quarter 2006, courtesy of Amazon.com:

Essential Avengers Vol 5 TPB - "Collects Avengers (Vol. 1) #98-126, Daredevil (Vol. 1) #99, Defenders (Vol. 1) #8-11 & Giant-Size Avengers #1"
Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe TPB - reprints the relatively rare post-mini-series graphic novel Death of a Universe, Thor #280, and the Busiek-era stories (Avengers Vol 3 #5-6, Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual, and Squadron Supreme: New World Order). It would be nice if a pre-mini-series TPB was issued as well.
Avengers: Galactic Storm Volume 1 TPB - "Collects Captain America #398-399, Avengers West Coast #80-81, Quasar #32-33, Wonder Man #7-8, Avengers #345-346, Iron Man #278 and Thor #445. Book 1 of 2." More Avengers love-fest, but this time from the icky 90's. Was this any good?
Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2 TPB - "Collects Spectacular Spider-Man #32-61, Annuals #1-3."
Spider-Girl Volume 5: Endgame Digest - "Collects Spider-Girl #22-27"
Marvel Visionaries: Roy Thomas HC - "Collects Modeling With Millie #44, Tales Of Suspense #73; Avengers #35, #57-58, #100; Sub-Mariner #8 & #14; Not Brand Ecch #12; Captain Marvel #19; X-Men #164; Chamber Of Darkness #4; Amazing Adventures # (5, 6 or 8); Incredible Hulk #147; Fantastic Four #119 & 176; Dracula Lives #1; Giant-Size Invaders #1; & Doctor Strange #9" Note the uncertainty of the issue number of Amazing Adventures.

Pussey! - more Eightbell reprints from Dan Clowes

The Legend of GrimJack Volume 5 - "covers issues #22-30"


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